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Welcome to InRhythm Performance and Wellness Clinic

  • Mushroom Cottage, Main Road, Appleford, UK
  • Mon to Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm

Clinic Introduction

Welcome to InRhythm Performance and Wellness Clinic

At InRhythm we focus on relaxation and a fully integrated approach to holistic wellbeing. Our practioners offer a range of treatments and therapies to support your relaxation, emotional and physical needs either, as part of your own holistic approach to wellbeing, or to support any disharmony/illness being looked after by your doctor

  • All treatments have time allocated for a comprehensive consultation. This is to ensure you get the most from your treatment...
  • We believe that Balance, Rhythm and Harmony are the keys to optimising health and restoring strength and resilience to the body, mind and soul..
  • Depending on the ailment you may be given exercises to do at home. These exercises are to help the body reset and contribute to your overall wellness.

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Online Classes

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Online S&C sessions based on Body Weight, Resistance Bands and Dumbells

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