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Welcome to InRhythm Performance and Wellness Clinic

  • Mushroom Cottage, Main Road, Appleford, UK
  • Mon to Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm

Gordon Manning

Senior Therapist

Gordon has been practicing in the various therapies since 1991 when he first studied Hypnotherapy in South Africa. Since coming to the UK in 1994 he has continued to study Holistic Therapies and is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Biomechanics Trainer and Qualified Ballroom and Latin American Dance Teacher. Gordon is also a UKA Level 3 Performance Coach specialising in Middle Distance and Endurance events and a BTF L2 Triathlon Coach. He has been coaching since 1997 and competing in endurance events since school days and Triathlon since 1985. He is the founder of TriRun Performance.

Bowen Technique
Biomechanics Assessments
Sports Massage & Sports Therapy
Strength & Conditioning